Sent my car for routine service. Took some pictures of this happy young man who did my car

Slices of my cooking

Spouse was busy so I cooked. It has been quite a while I did not take up the knife/wok…. All turns out well, luckily. 🙂

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Ghost month

The 7th moon of the Chinese calendar is a spiritual month. It falls on 1st Aug this year. This month, due to astrological bodies alignment, spirit of other dimension may venture into this world & vise versa. So it is also a good time for human to send those wondering spirit to the other dimensions by asking the help of the Ghost king or to some believer, the Bodhisattva in her fearsome form , to bring all these wondering soul to other world or to rebirth cycle.

Thus prayer altar /platforms are put up with food , incense and what not to gather the wondering spirit or good brothers for those who want avoid the term ghost

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PD 2

PD town used to be a beautiful scenic town facing the sea. Unfortunately the town was murdered by the idiotic politician by landfill the sea and destroy all the beauty, charm & feng sui of the town.

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Went to PD, a small town by the sea. It used to be THE seaside resort but have gone down over the years due to neglect & abuse by gov PLUS pollution by the power plant and oil refinery

Took some pictures at the beach

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Street Food

Took a walk in the nearby hawkers area and notice this new stall selling an Indian street food. Not sure the name of this sweet stuff… click picture to see larger version

Update: 2019-05-13. It is called jilebi or jelebi according to my Indian friends.